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A "usual" Day In School
By Sagnik Sinha Roy
Class XI-B
Monday February 15,MMX
Going back to school after nearly four days of hoildays was a unique experience as the feeling was a very queer mixture of emotions - - - resentment and excitement.
Resentment - - at the prospect of gettig up at seven in the morning . . . . . . excitement at the suspense of what to expect at school.
On reaching school, 'a close encounter of the third kind' was faced.The school seemed to be in a holidaying mood ! Chaos all over the staircases; dragging of feet; they were the sights and sounds to be seen and heard during the class changes. To cap this, there was a class photography session. The official photographer ( though there was nothing official about him) clicked merrily to glory.
In turns, each was told to walk down to the assembly grounds and stand on benches/chairs/stools in front of the physics lab ( you guessed right ); the usual/patient place for such sessions. The great fun was the students running helter skelter to get hold of a tie or a belt of even a coat ! ! ! So funny ! And So Traditional ! All in all, the day turned out to be quite refreshing beating the monday blues to kingdom come.

A report by Ms. Ritika Gairola
Class IX
St. Gabriel's Academy Grounds - -
On February 6, a Saturday , the finals of the slow cycling race was organised by the IMS College, Roorkee. Three local schools had participated in the event. Twenty students from each schools had gone through the heats to qualify for the finals. The selected teams were present in the grounds.
The Principal, Bro. Cyriac was the chief guest at the event which started by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. After the lighting of the saced lamps, the games began.
The whole school appeared at the grounds as the event coincided with the interval. There was loud cheering and guffawing and fun and frolic while the event was in progress.The festive mood of the pupils sent a sort energy field all over.
The cyclists were at the start line with faces enthusiastic but a dab of nervousness flickering occasionally across the shining faces. The day turned out well particularly for the Gabrielites. For two prizes had been won. The laurals were brought home by Ms. Saumya of Class 7C ( in the girls catagory) and Karan of 9C ( in the boys catagory) by grabbing the first prizes in both the sectins. The winners were awarded with cycles.
Eventually, The fun breaker sounded and like all good things come to an end, so this event.... with the students reluctantly dragging their feet towards the classrooms, though many would give the slip and vanish.