The Return !

Today after, it seems ages I have had the chance to bang at the keyboard again. It has been really very long period of time. Here, in the backwater of Bihar, the net-connectivity is bad, and real bad. I had purchased a tata-docomo dedicated dongle, but after a few months, the Tatas withdrew this service in the part of Bihar. Ha! It seems that they could not get the proper response from here. .However, getting back to the days when I could not link to this blog.
A passenger boat rolls upstream
These days (it is years, actually) have been very hectic in this school. This is Delhi Public School in Bhagalpur, a city situated about 200 kms north-east of Patna. This school is set along the banks of the Uttrayani Ganga, considered to be very auspicious. In the foreground of the pix alongside is the dog-house touching the boundary wall of the school, whilst in the background can be seen a passenger boat traveling upstream towards Varanasi 
Spread in 26 acres, surrounded by lush greenery, it is a mini-city in itself. The building is a massive structure, impressive and touring. It is beautiful,especially at night, all lit up. The pix on the left will give you an idea.
During these many days of being off-line, I was promoted to the administrative post of Sr. Academic Councillor/Head Master. So I landed doing multi-tasking-- HOD English. The job is like a roller coaster ride........ but involving and mind-consuming.
Along the way, I came across a beautiful doodling which you can see alongside. The artist is just a young boy who came on touch with me on FB and what an artist he turned out to be. You can judge for yourself. Just a bit of more encouragement he did wonders. You be the judge. There are many more which I will now blog regularly and expose to all.
The surprise of surprises: While I was banging away at the key board the a group of staff members asked for permission to enter my office. I, without turning said Yes! AND.......I was wished HAPPY BIRTHDAY as today is my birthday.....and presented with a lovely hand held bouquet of fresh flowers, which is now lying on the table next to this machine. What a Day! The day I resumed writing this blog. A coincidence !
Face Book has, at least in one way brought about a way for relationships to develop closer and be warmer. It reminds us of the approaching birthdays etc. which we used to write down in our new diaries at the beginning of each new year. The irony was that, at least I, would keep that diary and forget about it. Ha Ha. But FB makes sure you remember the birthdays. A click and you have wished the birthday boy/girl. Earlier, we had to hunt for birthday cards, an appropriate one for each individual and post it. It involved moving out of your chair and going to acquire these and post them. This was totally an absorbing task. But the pleasure was insurmountable. That was really love. It is love even now, but E-Love.
Talking about love, well there are many views. on of them is expressed in the pix alongside.
However, for a majority love is still BEAUTIFUL......
Shakespeare says:
O that you were yourself! But, love, you are 
No longer yours than you yourself here live;
Against this coming end you should prepare
And your sweet semblance to some other give 
And should that beauty which you hold in lease
Find no determination ; then you were
Yourself again after yourself's decease.

So, till next time,

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